October 6

False Widow Spider Here In Durham

false-widow-spiderThis summer we had a staggering number of false widow spider sightings here in Durham.

To be honest, some of those reports in the papers  seem entirely over the top to me. Some people I know are literally freaking out because they think once they come across a false widow spider that would be the end of it.

While it may be true that false widow spiders can be quite an annoyance and in some cases their bite might lead to infections there is really no need to panic.

And certainly not to go crazy and kill all spiders you see in your home or your garden!

Know that spiders are extremely useful since they get rid of other pests and bugs for you and they do that for free and without any harmful chemicals!

On the other hand, if you find a spider in your home you can simply take it and put it outside. Here is a very good article with some “spider disposal tips” that I found. Check it out, it is quite helpful.

If you’re still unsure about the false widow spider and are scared of it, here at the false widow spiders site you can read more about them. Knowledge is always better than panic!

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October 6

Magnetic Bracelets and My Travel Sickness

It was just about one year ago when Juliet introduced me to magnetic jewellery. This is something I never heard of before and I have to admit that I was very skeptical when she told me about it. For once, Juliet told me that after she got a magnetic bracelet it helped her tremendously with her arthritis and she also swears that it helps her to sleep at night. Because I got curious I did some research on the subject and then learned a little about what they call magnetic therapy.

magnetic-bracelets-for-travel-sicknessWithout going too much into detail, to me it looks like that magnetic therapy work similar as acupuncture. There I definitely know that it works since I see my alternative health practitioner for a long time already for my acupuncture sessions – with very good success I want to add.

So as you can imagine, it didn’t take long until I got a pair of magnetic bracelets. Actually, it was one bracelet and one magnetic pendant. I can definitely say that it helps me falling asleep a lot faster but whether this is a placebo effect or not I can’t really tell.

All I know is that the magnetic bracelets helped me A LOT with my travel sickness! And this was the main reason I wanted to give it a shot since I am looking for a natural way to treat it for an eternity already.

Looks to me like the magnetic bracelets finally did it! I mean I still carry my standard medications for travel sickness with me when I am flying or taking a long train ride, but so far I haven’t needed any of them and I *think* it’s in large parts because of my magnetic bracelet that I am always wearing.

If you have the same problems with travel sickness like I do I’d say you definitely should check out magnetic bracelets. They are not expensive at all. Let me know how they work for you!

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October 1

Seeing The Singing Waiters In London

If you’re a party goer-somewhere in the United Kingdom, in particular in and around London, chances are you have heard of the Singing Waiters. The reason for that is that The Singing Waiters are likely the most popular surprise entertainers in the UK today.

Surprise entertainment right now is all the hype, mainly amongst large companies who want to do something different but increasingly more also for private persons who hire those entertainers for events such as weddings and wedding receptions.

If you happen to be in London, make sure that you see the Singing Waiters because it will be an experience you sure don’t want to miss! You can book those professional dancers and singers for all sorts of events. Their musical repertoire covers everything from the latest pop songs to classical pieces.

Tip: The Singing Waiters can also perform flash mob shows. This is a fantastic idea for unique and creative proposals that no-one will ever forget!

You can learn all about The Singing Waiters and how surprise entertainment can make your party or event unforgettable at their website www.secretsingers.com.

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October 1

Travel Tips: Bruton, Somerset

Bruton may look like you typical West Country town but there is more to it, especially culturally. For example, this week, world-class art gallery Hauser & Wirth is opening there which puts Bruton and the Somerset area even more into the spotlight when it comes to fine arts and culture.

In addition to culture and arts there are many more places to go and to see. The area’s fantastic  restaurants in particular deserve a closer look.

To get you started, you should really check out The Chapel.

This is an informal bistro-style restaurant and deli that’s also a renowned wine merchant and bakery.

At The Chapel, chances are there is always some cultural event  going on so it’s definitely worth a visit.


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July 25

Events At The Taunton Racecourse, Somerset

The Taunton Racecourse is always worth a visit! This race track is located in the heart of the Somerset countryside and it happens to be England’s youngest racecourse. The Racecourse is a 45 minutes drive from Exeter, one hour from Bristol, one 90 minutes drive from Cardiff. Taunton is also accessible by train from the south west and you can easily visit via Bristol and Exeter Airports. About fifteen horse races are held there each season.

But the Taunton track is not only a prime spot for those who love the races, it likewise has excellent facilities for all sorts of events.

Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a wedding reception, this is a perfect venue.

Starting on September 6th, the Somerset Military Tattoo will offer entertainment for the entire family. There will be many attractions that will provide an exciting and memorable day out for all ages and interests.

You can enjoy parades, a play house for the children and a variety of craft stalls and stands.

Racing season in Taunton will start on Wednesday, 29th October. Here is a list of the upcoming Race Meetings. Over at the Race Course’s website at http://www.tickets.tauntonracecourse.co.uk/index.php you can buy tickets.

Do you want to visit the Taunton Racecourse and come back with some nice cash in your pocket? If that’s the case you sure should go there and get yourself some horse racing tips! With these these racing tips your visit to the Taunton Horse Racing Course will be even more enjoyable!


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June 12

The Best Travel Locations in Europe

Check out the great list at http://www.lonelyplanet.com/europe/travel-tips-and-articles/lonely-planets-best-in-europe-2014

greeceIt’s a list of the best travel locations in Europe. Do you know what the most popular one is?

The Lonely Planet says it’s Greece! Because of the poor economy in Greece, prices there have dropped a lot. Travelers can now have an awesome vacation without having to spend a lot of money.

More reasons why Greece makes it all the way on top of the list of favourite travel locations are the great wines there and of course the weather and awesome beaches!

The above site lists more great holiday destinations so you should definitely check it out if you’re still looking for cool places to go in Europe!

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