October 6

False Widow Spider Here In Durham

false-widow-spiderThis summer we had a staggering number of false widow spider sightings here in Durham.

To be honest, some of those reports in the papers  seem entirely over the top to me. Some people I know are literally freaking out because they think once they come across a false widow spider that would be the end of it.

While it may be true that false widow spiders can be quite an annoyance and in some cases their bite might lead to infections there is really no need to panic.

And certainly not to go crazy and kill all spiders you see in your home or your garden!

Know that spiders are extremely useful since they get rid of other pests and bugs for you and they do that for free and without any harmful chemicals!

On the other hand, if you find a spider in your home you can simply take it and put it outside. Here is a very good article with some “spider disposal tips” that I found. Check it out, it is quite helpful.

If you’re still unsure about the false widow spider and are scared of it, here at the false widow spiders site you can read more about them. Knowledge is always better than panic!

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