December 17

Fire Safety During Travel


I don’t know about you, but safety is always on my mind especially when I am traveling.

One of those things that I’m always concerned about, especially when I end up in locations where fire safety isn’t regarded as important as it is in the UK, is fire safety.

One of the things that I am packing into my luggage at all times is a portable smoke detector. So if I’m staying in a hotel or any other place, I can simply put the smoke detector in the room which helps me to sleep a little bit more soundly.

So if you’re curious now about getting your own travel smoke detector, you can get these pretty much in any home improvement store, on the Internet or in any large department store for cheap. You don’t need to look long for a portable smoke detector. You can just get any other ordinary smoke detector which should do the job. Most of these are small enough to the should fit into your luggage without a problem.

And if you’re already at it, make sure that you also get the matching batteries for the smoke detector. You can do it like I do and always get a fresh pack of batteries right before your travels. It also a good idea that you do a check whether the batteries and the smoke detector work before you pack them.

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