August 7

The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Gym

Recently, there are new gyms popping up all over the United Kingdom. Most of the time, these gym studies are those from big-name chains and this doesn’t always mean that these gyms are necessarily good. So, what makes a good gym?

If you ask me, there are several things that differentiate a good fitness gym from about one. Let me start out with those things which in my opinion shouldn’t matter if you’re looking for a good gym.

  • Price for membership. Poor gyms in good gyms nowadays cost almost the same. You will not find a fitness studio that is way more expensive than another, if anything the difference may be a couple of bucks or so. This means that if a gym is a little cheaper (or pricier, for that matter) then another, this doesn’t mean that the gym would be better or worse. So don’t just look at the price for the gym!


  • Big-name gym chains. A well-recognised name for a gym doesn’t necessarily mean that the gym in a certain location must be good. It can be, but it doesn’t have to. If you are looking around a bit, you may even find a small, relatively unknown gym in your neighbourhood that offers the same things that the “big one” does, and maybe even a little cheaper or for just a few bucks more. The big difference however can be that it is much more likely with a small independent gym that the staff is friendly and helpful. This isn’t always the case with those big-name gyms.

We you should look for:

  • What the gym can offer. A lot of times you may not just want a standard to membership which anyone is offering anyway. A good gym normally offering other cool stuff in addition, like fitness classes, personal trainers and so forth. I like it much more when I can go to my fitness classes together with a bunch of like-minded folks and a trainer, as opposed to just going to the gym and then grabbing some random equipment. There fitness classes may perhaps because a little more than a standard to membership, but trust me, having a qualified trainer and then of course the fun doing your exercises together with others is well worth it!

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