October 6

Magnetic Bracelets and My Travel Sickness

It was just about one year ago when Juliet introduced me to magnetic jewellery. This is something I never heard of before and I have to admit that I was very skeptical when she told me about it. For once, Juliet told me that after she got a magnetic bracelet it helped her tremendously with her arthritis and she also swears that it helps her to sleep at night. Because I got curious I did some research on the subject and then learned a little about what they call magnetic therapy.

magnetic-bracelets-for-travel-sicknessWithout going too much into detail, to me it looks like that magnetic therapy work similar as acupuncture. There I definitely know that it works since I see my alternative health practitioner for a long time already for my acupuncture sessions – with very good success I want to add.

So as you can imagine, it didn’t take long until I got a pair of magnetic bracelets. Actually, it was one bracelet and one magnetic pendant. I can definitely say that it helps me falling asleep a lot faster but whether this is a placebo effect or not I can’t really tell.

All I know is that the magnetic bracelets helped me A LOT with my travel sickness! And this was the main reason I wanted to give it a shot since I am looking for a natural way to treat it for an eternity already.

Looks to me like the magnetic bracelets finally did it! I mean I still carry my standard medications for travel sickness with me when I am flying or taking a long train ride, but so far I haven’t needed any of them and I *think* it’s in large parts because of my magnetic bracelet that I am always wearing.

If you have the same problems with travel sickness like I do I’d say you definitely should check out magnetic bracelets. They are not expensive at all. Let me know how they work for you!

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