June 12

Cheap Beds or “Cheap” Beds?

Hell there is quite some difference between getting a “cheap” bed and a cheap bed. What I am talking about is that “cheap” doesn’t really always have to mean some low-quality bed imported from China.

When I was buying a bed three weeks ago I certainly had my share of “interesting” experiences, to say it mildly. The first tip I can give you here is that you shouldn’t always look only at the price when you buy a bed. Sometimes, a bed that is only 50 bucks more than the cheapest one in the store can be a lot better.

mattress-1The sales person let me know that the bed itself is really not that important if you’re looking for a healthy bed that can also last you a long time.

Most cheap beds you can find today might even come with mattresses but those mattresses are normally of very low quality. And if the mattress is poor then the best bed won’t help you and you will likely get back pain and other health problems from it.

If you buy a bed, always look at the mattress first or simply just buy the bed frame first and then get an extra mattress. If you say you cannot afford both at the same time, believe me it can be worth it to save some more money rather than going for the cheapest bed/mattress you can find. A quality spring mattress or a foam mattress may only cost 50 or 100 bucks more, but if you wait two months to buy it until you can afford it it will be much better, take my word for it!

If you’re still not sure what bed to get and what type of mattress would be right, do some research on the internet because this can be very helpful. Normally, you will have some preference such as you may want a soft mattress or a firmer one, so definitely try them out in the store before you buy! Beds Devon is a good place to get you started if you live in the area, I can definitely recommend them!


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June 12

The Best Travel Locations in Europe

Check out the great list at http://www.lonelyplanet.com/europe/travel-tips-and-articles/lonely-planets-best-in-europe-2014

greeceIt’s a list of the best travel locations in Europe. Do you know what the most popular one is?

The Lonely Planet says it’s Greece! Because of the poor economy in Greece, prices there have dropped a lot. Travelers can now have an awesome vacation without having to spend a lot of money.

More reasons why Greece makes it all the way on top of the list of favourite travel locations are the great wines there and of course the weather and awesome beaches!

The above site lists more great holiday destinations so you should definitely check it out if you’re still looking for cool places to go in Europe!

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June 11

Magnetic Bracelets and My Travel Sickness

It was just about one year ago when Juliet introduced me to magnetic jewellery. This is something I never heard of before and I have to admit that I was very skeptical when she told me about it. For once, Juliet told me that after she got a magnetic bracelet it helped her tremendously with her arthritis and she also swears that it helps her to sleep at night. Because I got curious I did some research on the subject and then learned a little about what they call magnetic therapy.

magnetic-bracelets-for-travel-sicknessWithout going too much into detail, to me it looks like that magnetic therapy work similar as acupuncture. There I definitely know that it works since I see my alternative health practitioner for a long time already for my acupuncture sessions – with very good success I want to add.

So as you can imagine, it didn’t take long until I got a pair of magnetic bracelets. Actually, it was one bracelet and one magnetic pendant. I can definitely say that it helps me falling asleep a lot faster but whether this is a placebo effect or not I can’t really tell.

All I know is that the magnetic bracelets helped me A LOT with my travel sickness! And this was the main reason I wanted to give it a shot since I am looking for a natural way to treat it for an eternity already.

Looks to me like the magnetic bracelets finally did it! I mean I still carry my standard medications for travel sickness with me when I am flying or taking a long train ride, but so far I haven’t needed any of them and I *think* it’s in large parts because of my magnetic bracelet that I am always wearing.

If you have the same problems with travel sickness like I do I’d say you definitely should check out magnetic bracelets. They are not expensive at all. Let me know how they work for you!


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